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What Is Physical Therapy?

The field of physical therapy is diverse, addressing a multitude of injuries, diseases, and impairments. Patients appropriate for physical therapy range in ages from newborns to the elderly.

Physical therapist working on arm strength with patient

Our Main Focus

The main focus of any physical therapy program is to improve or restore mobility so that a person can move forward with their life and function at the highest level possible. Physical therapy is often an appropriate alternative to surgery and pain medication. Or, it may be used as an adjunct to recovery with those interventions. Furthermore, as an integral member of the healthcare team, physical therapists consult with other health care professionals such as surgeons, primary care physicians, neurologists, and occupational therapists.

The Importance of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are movement specialists and cheerleaders for physical health. In addition to helping you recover, they are responsible to educate you regarding your health and eliminate or reduce your likelihood of future problems. Physical therapists practice under the premise of “Evidence-Based Medicine”. Evidence-based medicine promotes the use of research and proven techniques to achieve the highest level of recovery possible and limit the time required to achieve your treatment goals.

Learn more on the American Physical Therapy Association website.

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