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physical therapist shaking hands with patient

“An episode of acute labyrinthitis caused a disturbance in balance that lingered and was very worrisome. I sought help at the Center for Specialty Care in Honesdale and have found significant relief. Dr. Atcavage’s professional assessment of my condition, using her technical expertise and state of the art diagnostics, gave her the information necessary to determine the extent of my problem and to establish a plan of care. She explained her findings in easy-to -understand terms, as well as how we would proceed with the exercises she felt would help me. At our weekly sessions she re-assessed my progress and reinforced and added to the plan to bring me to the next level. She made sure that she took into consideration my safety, comfort level and abilities in establishing and monitoring the methods that eventually brought my balance back. I fully recommend Dr. Atcavage. She, and her staff, were always professional, courteous and reassuring.”

R.D., Honesdale patient

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. CPT gave me my life back by relieving me of my neck and shoulder pain.”

G.K., Hawley

“I can’t say enough good things about the skills and professionalism of Chris and Alex as they worked on my shoulder injury, where I was experiencing pain and minimal improvement. They put together a program specifically designed for me that has improved freedom of movement and freedom from pain. I would highly recommend CPT to anyone needing Physical Therapy. They made me feel comfortable, and encouraged me to be patient during the healing process. Scheduling was made easy and flexible around my day job. Facility is extremely clean and well organized.”

M.S., Forest City patient

“I’d like to share a bit of positive feedback on CPT-Carbondale and my situation which is different from most. I’ve received excellent physical therapy and occupational therapy post total knee replacement. Due to long term side effects of chemotherapy, the therapists worked on multiple conditions. I’ve now completed PT and my activities of daily living goals have been met. I will continue with OT for lymphedema conditions. It is hard to find words to say just how excellent I’ve been treated. The CPT team has made me feel safe, functional, and so comfortable as we worked so hard. Thank you all!”

J.M., Carbondale patient

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